Search-Engine-Friendly Website Design

Article Posting Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 07:26:15 -0700

There are many ways where business people can have their website looks well and get the higher ranking on search engine. We will discuss some of the familiar or key elements usage about the website ranking.


Being search engine friendly gives your site the best chance to achieve good ranking and beat your competitors. Although all the search engines such as Google, does not publish the variables that it’s algorithm uses to rank your website and does promote the most important keys or elements in making/designing a website that are friendly enough to search engines.


Write Effective Website Page Titles:


A good or attractive website design will have a unique or attractive title for each page on the website where customers get attracted once they visit the website. Make sure the title should be within 65 characters and work in the most important keywords for that page. If you are a local business, include the city and state or mention the international state and country. Here are a couple sample titles:

  • "ABC School, learning center for young and adult people | New York, NY"
  • "Jeffrey & Brothers Inc., Leather Garment Factory, Jackets & Shoes | Chicago, IL"

Try to avoid putting your company name in the title. People mostly look for the offer on the website not for the Company name. When you will have unique keywords under website title, you will see better results and more traffic driving to your website. Remember, those keywords which you use that should appear in the title and MUST appear on each page as well.


Note: The page title is what appears in the search engine result page and well written title will attract more and more people to your website.


Select Appropriate Keywords:


You can think of the keywords as up to 3 word descriptions or categories of what you offer. Use both general and specific keywords (e.g., dancing hall, Home appliances, skin care & etc.) to accurately describe your business. You want to ensure those keywords are written into the content and that it makes sense to a potential customer. With the content is the selection of keywords that customer or people will type in the search engines.


Write good contents:


Think about conversations you have with potential clients and elaborate on what they ask you or your sales team about your business:

  • What do you offer to your customers?
  • Show your client or a customer why are you better than your competition?
  • Tell your customers what is your customer service about?

Your competition may not be as good or as inexpensive or offer as many products as you, BUT if they have better and more compelling content on their website, guess who that customer is going to call?

Think of your website as a 24/7/365 days a year salesperson who is “selling or targeting” your business to potential new or old customers. You must Equip that virtual “salesperson or live support” with as much good and factual information about your business that you can because the new or old visitor is most likely comparing your offering to your competitors’ websites and will be making a decision based on what they read. You need to update your content or website a couple of times a year. Keep it updated, fresh and current look.


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